Precision wire EDM machining of current-conducting material (also tempered).
Possibility of inclined cut.


Milling machining centers Chiron CNC 3-axis palletized.
Steel, machining aluminum, brass / bronze alloys, plastic material


Machining of flat surface grinding and grinding ring road profiles.
Centerless grinding for machining outside diameters.
Materials: steel (even tempered).


CNC turning operations (various special ... flanges, rings, bushings, pins, washers, pads, etc ...).
Steel, machining aluminum, brass / bronze alloys, plastic material.

Sewing machines

In addition to precision machining, we have been manufacturing special sewing parts in the field of industrial sewing machines for over 50 years.
We produce with a high level of quality looper, crochet, feet, needle plates, claws, blades.
Our experience also leads us to collaborate together with customers in the development and realization of special equipment and/or transformations always inherent in sewing.